We are The Hackitarians. We want to make the world a better place. By Hacking It. That’s What We Do. We Design, Build and Run Hackathons. 

Thinking about running a Hackathon, but don’t know where to start? We can help!



The Kickstart

We begin by Kickstarting the process with an intense brainstorming session where we present scenarios from past hackathons we have run, elucidate on new ideas and begin to formulate some ideas for your hackathon. This is the beginning of the process and where it all begins!

The Pieces

Then we take the ideas born from our brainstorming session and create a general plan in how we approach a fit into the methodology we have devised in order to ensure all aspects of the hackathon are covered and we move forward towards actualization of plan with all expectations managed well.

The Build

The Program, The Core, The Approach, The Stakeholders, The Location, The Mentors, Speakers, The Pitches & Prizes, The Jury, and The Incubation. The pieces of the puzzle come together; we complete each part of the requirements needed according to our recipe for running a successful event.

The Take Off!

With the plan in place we work with you pre-event, during and post-event to ensure maximum efficiency, exposure, and dissemination. With 8-12 weeks pre-hackathon, we help with finding sponsors, attendee marketing, contracts, jury selection to help you to set off on a flying start!


Recent Hackathons We have Designed, Built And/Or Run.


We are a Dutch Foundation that design, build and run extraordinary Hackathons!


Some Words From Our Clients

We were really happy with the outcome of the two day Green Hackfest in Utrecht. The quality of the hacks were very high and it was difficult for us to even chose a winner!
Alexander Schneider - Senior Project Manager at Fraunhofer FIT, Ebbits
Richard. You set a high bar. Much appreciated.
Scott Eklund - Apple Hacker, Comcast

Our Proven Process, Produces Results

1. THE

Clarify the purpose, objectives, challenges, duration. Scope the approach & methodology from ideation & presentation right down to implementation.

2. THE

Mapping of the players – who are the stakeholders; the participants, the partners, the associations, the sponsors, the speakers, etc.

3. THE

Arrange a venue capable of providing all the basic requirements such as stable WiFi, tables/chairs, accommodation, projectors, food, drinks, security etc.

4. THE

Bring in the appropriate APIs, SDKs, hardware and datasets. Ensure that attendees are prepared by mentors from sponsors and partners as well as rules outlined etc. 

5. THE

We help create the guidelines for the pitches, arrange the awards and prizes with the partners and sponsors, and get the format in order. Prepare Jury.

6. THE

Suggest and work on a model to support the winning concepts launching into the market. We have extensive network in startup communities worldwide.

We’re Here To Help Your Hackathon Take Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination