Project Description

Meet the Robots is a series of Amsterdam events from The Hackitarians that were created to discover the world of robotics and explore how they could be used to enrich people’s lives – be there for people to talk to, to play with, to take care of, to provide comfort, become best buddies, or generally to provide a better perspective for the future!


In this first part we provide an introduction on robotics, artificial intelligence and touch upon the ethical side of robotics. However, the core purpose of the ideathon is to generate ideas around the use of robots with the intention to bring these to life at the “Hackathon for Humanoids” .

“How could robots be used to assist the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s or loneliness, people struggling from neurodegenerative disease such as ALS or kids trying to copy with neurodevelopmental disorder such autism?”

As the world of robotics is very broad, we decided to focus these series on the social and human side of robotics, think of Humanoids and Social Robots.

NAO is a programmable humanoid robot with its own App Store. Right now (s)he’s able to kick a ball, tell us Chuck Norris jokes and do a Tai Chi dance, and that’s about it!

But (s)he is capable of doing so much more, and that’s why we need help from people like you; to think of ways to create fun, meaningful and more intelligent interactions between humans and robots. To come up with ideas (Apps) that would make people’s lives just that little bit more easy and exciting!